Awana Ministry Conference is an annual event held to encourage Awana workers to get excited for the coming Awana year. We have breakout sessions over relevant topics and fellowship with people from other Awana clubs. Learn how to run your club with more excitement and focus!

Conference is meant to build upon the fundamentals of Awana and most of our breakouts are specifically geared for workers who have been to Basic Training already and have a minimum amount of knowledge about how to run an Awana program. However if you haven’t yet attended Basic Training, don’t worry! Our breakout sessions include a track just for you!

This is an event everyone who wants to increase their club’s fun and impact should plan to attend! Pastor, Leader, Director, anyone!


Check out our Calendar page for for specifics.

Awana Ministry Conference

What breakout sessions are offered this year at Conference?

  • Check back later for a list of breakout topics!

Who should attend Conference?

Everyone! Pastors, Awana Ministry Directors, Children’s Pastors and especially Directors, Leaders, Secretaries and Game Directors. Don’t forget about Student Leaders, or volunteer listeners. Anyone who wants to learn how to run a better Awana club should attend!


What kind of things will I learn at Conference?

Our experienced workshop leaders are here to give you motivation and new ideas. Many ideas you will hear will be new to you, but others may just remind you of a fun activity you used to do or have heard of. In either case, you walk away with fresh ideas to implement in your club this year!


You will learn things like: How to be a better Leader, Director, Commander; how to run your club in an effective and fun way; how to reach more boys and girls and their families; fun games to play; Large Group lesson ideas; how to deal with special needs children; and more.


You also can get to know people from other churches, make contacts and learn new ideas from them!


When and where is Conference?

Ministry Conference is in the OKC Area as a half-day long event on Saturday. Check out the Calendar for all the details!


How much does Conference cost?

The Ministry Conference cost is currently TBD. This cost goes to travel for our Awana Missionaries and Ministry Team and materials that are given out at Conference and even some special breakout leaders and a visiting key note speaker.


What is the format of Conference?

The Ministry Conference has 4 breakout sessions and 1 general session with a special key note speaker. 


There are many breakouts offered in each block and attendees get to choose which ones they wish to attend on the day of the event.


How do I get my Awana workers to attend Conference?

Every Awana worker should attend Conference every year. Conference is where workers gain new ideas, inspiration and excitement for the club year. While not every idea may be new to an attendee, we know the ideas and principles we teach at Conference can remind a worker just how important it is to implement. 


It is up to you to inform your Leaders about Conference and make it clear that they need to attend. We suggest putting up a flyer in your hallway at church, put a spot in your church bulletin or newsletter, and contact each leader personally, through a phone call, email or face-to-face conversation.


Have your group carpool to the event in a church van or individuals’ cars. Use this as an opportunity for your Awana adults to grow together as a group, gain vision together, and be excited about working as a team. 


If cost is an issue for some of your Leaders, consider having your church pay for all or some of their registration cost.


I've also heard about Awana Basics. What's the difference between Conference and Awana Basics?

Ideally, each Awana worker should attend an Awana Basics to gain necessary basic knowledge, then regularly attend Conference to gain new ideas, excitement and vision for the new club year!
Here are some of their differences:

Awana Basics


  • Gives you the basic amount of information you need to run club well and effectively.

  • We cover: the three segments of club (Large Group, Small Group, and Game Time), Sharing the Gospel, discipline and the Importance of Children's Ministry.

  • Gives your workers the unity they need to run club effectively because everyone has the same vision.

  • Necessary for all first time leaders.

  • Use as a refresher and encourager for leaders about every 3 years.

Awana Ministry Conference


  • We cover more topics in more detail than we can at Awana Basics.

  • Provides you with a choice of breakouts to extend your knowledge in areas of your interest and need.

  • Information provided helps you take your club to the next level.

  • But the best part is getting to talk to leaders from other clubs and gleaning ideas from each other.

  • Every leader should attend every year.