T&T Bible Quiz

Give your T&T kids more incentive to hide God’s Word in their hearts by participating in Bible Quiz. Teams of 2-4 T&T’ers participate together to answer paddle round (multiple choice) and speed round (questions are answered by being the first team to buzz in) questions. Kids are given the opportunity to confer briefly with their teammates before answering any question. Questions are from the first half of each book. For more details, check out the Oklahoma Bible Quiz Rulebook.

All T&T kids, 3rd-6th grade, will quiz over this year's T&T book (as listed in the Awana catalog, or check here). Just make sure to split your kids into teams of 2-4 clubbers (any grade is fine!).


Need some help getting your kids ready for Bible Quiz? Check out the Practice Tips sheet to answer questions about being the Coach, studying, teams, and practices.

Only have 1 quizzer? No problem! Your clubber can quiz alone or be paired up with another team (you can do it or we can do it at the event). Just make sure you register so we know you're coming.

Watch our video for an idea of what Bible Quiz looks like.

Registration will open in January