Check out one church's Grand Prix

Grand Prix

AwanaGames is a fun event for T&T kids. Bring a team of 10-15 kids, to play against other churches in your area.

Grand Prix is a pine car derby type race. Kids design their cars (usually with Dad’s help!) and race them. Give awards for the fastest Cubbie car, Sparks car, T&T car and adult car! Don’t forget to give prizes for design! Use this as an opportunity to share the Gospel with parents who are attending your Grand Prix event. You can hold your church's Grand Prix on a club night, a Saturday or a Sunday. Maybe you even want to invite your entire church to attend or participate! The opportunities are endless! 


Oklawana has a Grand Prix track registered churches can rent for $25.

Email for more information or to reserve your date!

Awana Youth Ministry Events

Trek and Journey clubbers enjoy meeting other students with the same goals and priorities they have. Make it a fun event and participate in some of these Awana Youth Ministry events from around our region and the country.


Connect to Oklahoma's Awana Community

Give your T&T kids more incentive to hide God’s Word in their hearts by participating in Bible Quiz. This is a fast-paced challenge many children enjoy.


Teams of 2-4 T&T’ers, who are in the same book, participate together to answer paddle round (multiple choice) and speed round (questions are answered by being the first team to buzz in) questions.