Basic Training

Awana Basics is training for new and returning Leaders. The basics of an Awana club night, book progression, worker duties and more are covered. This is essential knowledge for all Awana workers. It is recommended that all new Leaders attend an Awana Basics training, and that returning Leaders attend as a refresher every 3 years.

Check out our Calendar page for dates and locations near you!



Who should attend Awana Basics?

Everyone! But especially new Leaders, Directors, Awana Ministry Directors (formerly Commanders), etc.


  • New Workers: As someone brand new to Awana, a new Leader needs to understand how Awana works, what their job is, and the heart of the ministry they are now working in. A new person will learn about the Awana program, books, awards, record keeping, discipline, and more. It is essential for all new people to get training. It will make the difference between a successful, well-equiped worker and one who is frustrated and confused. You can make their Awana ministry successful by encouraging them to go to Awana Basics!


  • Returning Workers: Every 3 years or so it is good for a veteran Leader to get a refresher on Awana Basics. They will be reminded of the heart of the ministry and get new ideas on how to effectively run their Awana ministry.


  • Pastors, Children's Pastors, Awana Ministry Directors (formerly Commanders): The Awana club in your church is their responsibility, so they should know how an effective ministry is run. They will understand the ministry and will be able to provide the support the workers need.

Why do I need to go to Awana Basics?

  • Awana Basics is great for both new Leaders and new clubs. Everyone who attends will have a common vision of what Awana is supposed to look like. This will create a unified ministry that can spend its time effectively reaching children and families, and not worrying about differences of opinion on small details. Awana has been around for over 60 years; they have created a ministry that works well and is effective and share that vision with you at Awana Basics.

  • It is also great for veteran Leaders. Your ministry is always better when you remember the heart of why you are doing it. Awana Basics will help remind you of the basics of Awana and the heart behind the ministry. You will come away refreshed, excited, and reminded of lots of great things you can do in your club.

What kinds of things will I learn at Awana Basics?

This is the basics of Awana. We cover roles, handbooks, awards, discipline, games, how to manage a Handbook group, what your Large Group Time should look like, and so much more. No matter who you are or how long you have done Awana, you will learn something.


How much does Awana Basics cost?

It costs $15 per person to attend Awana Basics. Awana Basics is staffed by our Awana Missionaries and Ministry Team who need to travel to the event location and provide materials for you to take and to see. In order to provide the best experience for you and your church, we must charge for this event.


I want to attend! When is it and how do I register?

Wonderful! We are excited to see you! Our Awana Basics events are held during the Summer (to get you ready for the beginning of the club year). Check out our calendar for dates and locations near you. We are also always looking for churches who would like to host Awana Basics. If your church is interested, please contact the Cavanaughs.


What is the format of Awana Basics?

Getting Started is a 4 hour event. We usually meet on a Saturday in the Summer or Fall and start at 9am and finish about 1pm. Lunch is not included. It is essential that you attend the entire training or you will miss something important.


How do I get my Awana workers to attend Awana Basics?

Every Awana worker should attend Awana Basics. Awana Basics will give your club unity, the same goals, and vision, along with being able to execute this fun ministry.

It is up to you to inform your Leaders about Awana Basics and make it clear that they need to attend. Start out by setting the tone and attending a Awana Basics event yourself. You will learn a lot and can then share with your church how helpful it was.


You can also make it mandatory for your new Leaders to attend Awana Basics. They will be better, more confident Leaders because of it, and your whole club will benefit.

Make attending a Awana Basics an event for all your Leaders. Have your group carpool to the event in a church van or an individuals’ car(s). Use this as an opportunity for your Awana adults to grow together as a group, gain vision together, and be excited about working as a team. 

If cost is an issue for some of your leaders, consider having your church pay for all or some of their registration cost.