We are here to help!

Oklahoma Awana Missionaries


We are James and Paula Cavanaugh, the Awana Missionaries to Oklahoma. We are faith supported missionaries who support and serve the Awana clubs in Oklahoma. If you want to learn more about Awana, start an Awana club in your church, get training for your workers, or just have questions about how something works or how to resolve a problem, please contact us!


It is our goal that the Awana clubs in our state are effectively sharing the Gospel with all the children who attend and that they and their families are changed by God.


We have a heart for reaching children with autism, learning disorders and other special needs. If you have one of these Clubbers and need help with how best to reach that child, we would love to talk and give you ideas.


We are faith supported missionaries. That means our ministry here in Oklahoma is financially supported by people like you and churches like yours. Check out our support page for ways to donate time, supplies, or money or contact us for more information on financially supporting Oklahoma's Awana ministry.


Ministry Team

This is the team from around the state of  Oklahoma who volunteer their time and talents to help make Oklawana effective. Because of their help we are able to reach more churches and children and offer training and events.


You could join our Oklawana Ministry Team. We need people to:


  • Support other clubs in Oklahoma: commit to contacting a few fellow Commanders on a regular basis for encouragement

  • Train new clubs: Host training events for new Awana clubs, particularly in rural areas

  • Be a Technology Guru: help Oklawana use the newest technology - help train our missionaries and other ministry team members

  • Fundraise: Help Oklawana by increasing ministry funds through local fundraising.

** All Oklawana Volunteers & Ministry Team members must submit to a criminal background check