You can help!

What is Oklawana Missions Month?

Oklawana needs your help! We are faith supported, which means individuals and churches contribute to our budget. Literally, YOU allow us to do ministry in OK! This November we are challenging EACH church to give a one-time gift of $250

How can we give you a one-time gift? It's not in our budget.

Not to worry. We think you should get as many people involved as possible! While we are looking for one-time gifts this November, we would love for people to learn about our ministry and partner with us regularly. So involve your Leaders, challenge your Clubbers, even take the challenge to your Congregation or Church Leadership.

How can we make this fun?

You know everything in Awana is more successful if it's fun-- this too! Here's some fun ways to raise money: - Verse-a-thon - Have a Bake Sale - Have a Walk-a-thon - Host a Spaghetti or Chili dinner where your Clubbers are the waiters - Do a penny drive - Jar Wars: Have a contest between boys and girls to see who wins! - Make a game: get a big pickle jar and place a baby food jar at the bottom. Fill it with water and let kids drop their coins in to see if they can make it into the baby food jar! - Vote for something: Let kids choose something fun by voting with their money. The category with the most money wins. Vote for normal things like: which song to sing in worship tonight, or a special game to play in Game Time Or vote for silly things like: a Leader wears a silly costume, gets a pie in the face, gets "gooped," kisses a pig, etc Have another idea? Let us know on Facebook !

How do we get you the money when we're done?

You can give a one time gift online at the Cavanaugh's Giving Page, or you can mail us a check made out to "Awana 260" at: 15877 Collection Center Dr. Chicago, IL 60693-0158

We want to help you! Check here for a Handout, Picture and Video!

Click here for a Handout! You can print this and use it to go with an announcement about the fun way your church is raising money, or you can customize this flyer. The second page of the handout has a picture of the Cavanaugh family for you to use so you can show your Clubbers who they are supporting! The Cavanaughs are faith-based missionaries. This means that giving from individuals and churches makes up their budget. Check out this video for more information.