Frequently Asked Questions

The Awana Missionaries love to hear and answer your questions. We even have a Facebook page where we post helpful information, videos, and tips. However, there are many reoccurring questions that we can cover right here! See if your question is covered, or Contact us if it's not here yet.

My kids are not bringing friends for the Bring a Friend Section. What can I do?

The spirit of this section is to teach Clubbers to invite their friends to church so that they can hear the Gospel. Though there are always going to be some kids who can't bring a friend to club for one reason or another. Therefore, after you are sure the child cannot bring a friend, here are some other options to try: - Bring an adult who has never been to club. - Bring a friend to church on Sunday. - For each required visitor, invite two friends and have the friends write a note documenting the invitation, but verifying they couldn't come. - Clearly share the Gospel with a friend or family member. - For each required visitor, write a note to two Clubbers who are absent that night. Tell them we miss them in club and hope to see them next week.

My church needs a Child Protection Policy. Where do I start?

Every church needs a Child Protection Policy. It keeps your children safe, your adults safe, and protects your ministry opportunities for the future. Awana has a good article on elements you need for a wise Child Protection Policy. Take a look at it by clicking HERE.

How can I have an awesome, impactful Awana ministry?

Great question! Since Awana has been in ministry for more than 60 years, we've got some suggestions! We call them the "Ten Standards of Excellence." Take a look at this PDF to see each excellent characteristic and how it can look in your Club.

What Missions opportunities does Awana have?

We at Awana are passionate about children and youth coming to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ. So, obviously, we love this question too! You can help Awana both locally and internationally. Local: Help reach the children and families of Oklahoma by supporting the Awana ministry in Oklahoma. Check it out HERE. Global: Awana is reaching kids and families all over the world too! You or your Awana Club can partner with a club internationally. Check it out HERE.

Can I still use the OK Rulebooks for Bible Quiz and AwanaGames?

Sure! We are not currently coordinating Bible Quiz or AwanaGames, but you are welcome to coordinate one for your church (and invite others!). If you tell the Cavanaughs they can help send interested clubs your direction. AwanaGames: Rulebook Game Assignment Sheet Bible Quiz: Rulebook & Score Sheet