Awana Basics- What you need to know to begin

Awana Basics is training for new and returning Leaders. The basics of an Awana club night, book progression, worker duties and more are covered. This is essential knowledge for all Awana workers. It is recommended that all new Leaders attend a training, and that returning Leaders attend as a refresher every 3 years or so.


Awana Ministry Conference is an annual event held to encourage Awana workers to get excited for the coming Awana year. We have breakout sessions over relevant topics and fellowship with people from other Awana clubs. Learn how to run your club with more excitement and focus!

Because Conference is meant to build upon the fundamentals of Awana, it is specifically geared for workers who have been to Getting Started already and have a minimum amount of knowledge about how to run an Awana program. If you haven’t yet attended Basic Training, don’t worry! We will offer breakout sessions just for you!

This is an event everyone who wants to increase their club’s fun and impact should plan to attend!

Oklawana Training